POMA's dedication to offering high-quality sessions at our annual conference is unparalleled. #POMA2021 is no exception and we've lined up educational sessions that will benefit content creators (media) and Corporate Partner attendees, alike. You'll want to arrive in Franklin as early as possible, so you don't miss a minute! Click here for the full conference schedule.

This year, Tuesday, June 15 - the opening day of conference - will offer the brand new Speed Meeting event, a round-robin business version of speed dating that allows each media member and Corporate Partner to meet each other before delving into other conference activities. This is a huge benefit and will be a time-saver for everyone, especially first-time attendees.

On Wednesday, June 16 an expert panel will discuss Optimizing Social Media for the Outdoor Industry. As experts in their field, panelists will discuss what social media platforms have proven to be the most effective tools for brands and businesses in the outdoor industry and how they suggest you get the most out of using them. Panel: Justin Morrissey of the National Shooting Sports Foundation; Chuck Rossi, Co-Founder of Open Source Defense; and Samantha Piatt, Director of Communications & Media Relations for Sig Sauer

Thursday, June 17 offers a full morning of learning opportunities, with a variety of topics that will have something for everyone.

  • Open Arms: Incorporating DEI Aspects in Our Brands - This in-depth panel discussion will take a hard look at diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) among the gun-owning, hunting and broader outdoor communities to help media professionals create a more inviting culture around their brands and messaging – and ultimately portraying more wholesome experiences for all. Speakers: Samantha Pedder of Terra Technology Group and Marchelle "Tig" Davis, owner of My Sister's Keeper Defense
  • The Realities of Working as a Content Creator in the Outdoor Industry - The goal of this session is to have folks realize that "making it" in this industry is not easy. Some people haven't had a difficult road to get to where they are, but most of us have, and it takes years of hard work and creating a network to get there. There are some misconceptions about how glamorous the hunting industry is. It is a great place to work, but you have to realize that these jobs are few and far between. Be practical about it. Speaker: Joe Genzel, Senior Editor for Outdoor Life
  • Instagram Growth in 5 Easy Steps - Learn tips and hacks to grow your Instagram channel for your brand and business that are easy to accomplish. Instagram is the place to be if you're looking to quickly grow your brand awareness and build a loyal following, but it does take effort! Michelle will explain the core features of Instagram in detail and how keeping a consistent and engaging presence will keep your business or brand front and center. Whether you're new to Instagram or a seasoned pro, Michelle is sure you'll find the insights useful. Speaker: Michelle Scheuermann President/Owner of BulletProof Communications
  • CPs - How to Get the Most Out of Your POMA Membership - Corporate Partners: This session is for you. Learn how to maximize your ROI from your POMA CP membership. POMA Executive Director, Thomas MacAulay, and POMA Corporate Partner Board Director, Brad Luttrell, will first highlight opportunities to leverage the Power of POMA, including media relations, impactful networking and POMA benefits you may be missing, among other tips. Thomas and Brad have both been on the CP side of POMA, and both have seen tremendous results. Attend this session as they unveil their recipe for success and highlight their personal experience and examples. After their initial presentations, Thomas and Brad will lead an idea session and Q&A for CPs.
  • Picking up Publications - A publisher, an editor, and a writer share their trade secrets to getting published - Successfully pitching publications is the key to making money. Working smarter and getting things right the first time can make a world of difference. Be prepared, be persistent and build your client base the right way. Speakers: Tom Claycomb, Outdoor Writer; Jen Ripple, Editor-in-Chief of DUN Magazine; and John Geiger, Editor of the California Waterfowl Magazine
  • Connecting with Brands, Building Relationships, and Creating Experiences - At the end of the day, we're all meant for connection…to other people, brands we love and experiences our souls need. If you aren't taking the time to build new relationships and are waiting on them to come to you, you're not only missing out on friendships, but you're missing out on making magic happen. Tips on cutting through the noise – be authentic/intentional, know your audience, get me excited, tell me why it matters or why it should matter, and remember basic manners/etiquette (i.e. spelling someone's name correctly). Speaker: Laci Warden of Fire and Lace Consulting
  • TV is Dead, Long Live TV - Mitch will explain the history of outdoor television and share stories from behind the scenes. He'll provide insight into how we got to where we are as an industry and where he feels the market is going. His presentation will include research and data on television demographics and viewership and will touch on other content elements in the OSG mix, including print magazines, digital content, video, and social media. Speaker: Mitch Petrie Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks VP Programming
  • How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel or Podcast - Make your passion for reaching others via the airwaves make money for you. There's more than one way to make an earning with your podcast. Mia Anstine will show you ways to grow your show's audience and optimize metrics. You'll learn how to market your show to would-be sponsors and find multiple outlets for revenue building. Speaker: Mia Anstine